high-res 3D scanning meet high-res 3D printing

via core77

This amazing, thesis-worthy work to scan old-master paintings for preservation purposes, has become the feed into a demonstration of the level of detail that a 3D printer can now create.

Using a built-for-purpose 3D scanning rig, which employs regular DSLR’s and a projector, paintings have been captured down to the micro-metre level to capture the actual formation of the paint using brush strokes and finger daubing.  I recommend watching all of the videos to get the full impression.

As I proposed in an earlier post (where I failed to imagine this level of detail) the possibility of replication becoming widely available will create a whole set of new issues relating to protecting the ownership and Intellectual Property of existing works and force a rethink of copyright laws. It’s even conceivable that we could soon see legislation to limit what a 3D printer is capable of.


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