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Back to Nokia

For my upcoming holiday I’ve decided I need to have a phone with a decent camera, that is capable of taking HD video. Investigating this, it seems that there are many phones around that purport to do HD video, but there are few that are highly rated.

The phone-geeks here in the office say that there is still only one that stands head and shoulders above the rest, in terms of image quality, flash and lens … the Nokia N8.

Surprise !

So while Nokia have chosen to compromise the ID of the phone in favour of high quality images/video (the Carl Zeiss lens is so big that it forms an fairly unattractive bump on the outside of the phone which they’ve tried their best to disguised) – they obviously have their principles – and I’ll be taking an N8 to the US with me instead of an iPhone/HTC/Blackberry/ …

[UPDATE] Well, the N8 didn’t work out as expected. It was so complex to get around the camera functions that I decided not to take it on holiday. The image quality is good, but not so good that I’d swap out my iPhone. So, my holiday equipment was an iPhone for the snaps and opportunistic shots, and a Sony DSLR for the serious ones.

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