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Conversational UI

QZ have recently released a news reader app which uses a conversational style UI – mimicking the interactions that more normally take place in a person-to-person text or chat. Thanks to Rainer Wessler for pointing it out to me.

I’ve been fascinated by this sort of interface for a while – wondering which scenarios it would work best in – so it’s great to see QZ having fun with this. 


The app delivers news stories in text and image fragments with links through to QZ web articles, with cute prompts in between to keep you engaged and reading. Great fun to use and a really different approach to news delivery. 



Resuming shortly

Digital Product Innovation has been having a break for a short period while I’ve been concentrating on delivering a big Digital transformation project for Optus.

In the meantime, while work here resumes, have a look at one of my favourite recent innovations Рnot a digital one Рthe Lucky Iron Fish. This is such a brilliant piece of lateral thinking which solves a real problem that affects the health of billions of people.

I think it’d be great if you could consider buying a Lucky Iron Fish for yourself¬†– to see one contributed to some people who really need one.

See you soon –doug

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