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Doug Maloney specialises in Digital Product Innovation – tracking consumer and technology trends in the digital realm to create innovative new products and services. Chatbots, Conversational AI experiences, Mobile apps, Devices and Online.

Doug founded AlphaIndigo.ai in March 2017 to catch on to the new wave of Conversational AI, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. AlphaIndigo are successfully creating chatbots for financial services, higher education, big bricks & mortar retail and local government – concentrating on designing great user experiences and business outcomes.

Before that, Doug was responsible for creating, setting up, and running Appland – a successful experiment with a mobile apps skunkworks for Vodafone which was turned into a commercial enterprise – creating over 30 apps, most notably Cricket Live Australia – the most downloaded and highest grossing app on iTunes during 2011/2012/2013 Cricket seasons.

With over 20 years experience conceiving, designing, building and managing mobile and online apps and products and services for consumers and enterprises, Doug is available through AlphaIndigo.ai for consulting in the areas of : Conversational AI, Automation, Data wrangling, Product Innovation and Digital Transformation of all kinds.



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