Summary and wrap up on HTML5 is ‘good enough’ for Enterprise

Over the past week I’ve been writing my thoughts and opinions on why HTML5 is not perfect, but good enough for the needs of most Enterprise applications.

Medium to large Enterprises are currently only at the point of being interested in mobilising their internal IT systems, and they are not yet at the point of committing time and money to think through what they need to mobilise their workforces. My expectation is that most organisations will make-do, only improving the mobile capabilities of their workforce as updates and new releases come from their traditional IT vendors.

These updates and new releases will use a mixture of good and bad mobile design, and little in the way of User Interfaces re-imagined for mobile. Really speaking, this is no improvement over where these IT-led organisations have always been with their systems on desktop computers (and before that on computer terminals).  Thinking about process re-engineering, User centric design and visual or creative design are not things that many companies are comfortable to address, and this problem will be exacerbated when the  job  of mobilising the organisation lands in the lap of the IT department.

In addition, there will be a small group of companies that either start from scratch as mobile-native operations, or have the vision, time and resources to rethink how their business could be revolutionised by embracing mobility. These guys are the ones who are going to be successful through, and because of their mobility strategy.

And, this is where HTML5 comes in. It’s not fantastic for creating engaging and visual interfaces on mobile, but it is very good for creating User Interfaces for form-filling and simple data entry (the bulk of business process rethinking currently appears to be about paper-form replacement), and, the skill sets needed to build and support HTML5 are 1) readily available, 2) mostly the same across many devices, and are therefore 3) cheaper to employ.

HTML5 will win the day not because of any of its features, but ultimately because it is the easy, non threatening, cheap option.

Here’s a recap of the points I’ve made previously :

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