Nokia <3 Microsoft

The news that Microsoft and Nokia are to form a strategic partnership has been met with a fair bit of derision over the last few days, even though everyone knew that Nokia couldn’t continue to be so far out of the race, and could’t continue to confuse the developer community by dithering on platforms and technologies.

In my view this could be an excellent outcome both for Nokia, and for Microsoft, bringing a fresh and stable OS in the shape of Windows Mobile 7 (the experience on an HTC Trophy is excellent) to what is after all the best connected and organised handset makers on the planet. All Nokia has to do now is to hire some better industrial designers and scrap the legacy design ethic (see the N8, E7 for how bad they can make things) and they’ll be off and running.

Of course, handset manufacturing does not happen overnight, but if I was Elop and Ballmer I’d be planning a launch of a new device before Christmas – maybe reworking the ID of a chassis which is already in the works, layering WinMo 7 over the top.

The experiment with OVI is dead I assume – hopefully Elop will have no qualms about giving it the bullet as well.


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